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Google To Boost HTTPS/SSL Secure Sites in Search Rankings


Sites with HTTPS/SSL Security Will See Rankings Increase in Google Security in search has long been a priority for the powerhouse Search Engine. Matt Cutts and the Webspam team at Google are continuously improving the way they protect our information and improve our user experience; this security move is no different. Much ...

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[GIF] Charge Your Phone in 30 Seconds


StoreDot, an Israeli nanotechnology startup has created a prototype of a battery that can charge your phone in 30 seconds. The prototype is able to completely recharge a smartphone battery from 0%-100% in just 30 seconds. The technology relies on bio-organic nanodots, tiny conductive crystals that help enable rapid charging. ...

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[TECH NEWS] Ray-Ban and Oakley Google Glass Coming Soon


Google has been quite hush-hush on the subject of which companies they might hit up to produce more versions of Glass, however the tech giant finally announced a partnership with Luxottica on Monday, meaning Google will work the parent company of Ray-Ban and Oakley to bring new fashions to their ...

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LAUNCH: Google Reveals Android Wear


Google announced Android Wear on Tuesday, via their blog, a new version of Android, designed for wearable devices. Android Wear is being introduced to the tech industry starting with the smartwatch; the area that makes the most sense for the technology. Inevitably, Google will extend the technology into other wearables, ...

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New Google Chrome Beta Equipped with Hands-Free Voice Search

google chrome hands-free search

ref: google Google Chrome has announced the latest beta of Google Chrome will come equipped with hands-free voice search, another step towards full semantic searching. The Chrome Beta allows you to search by voice on Google, requiring no typing or clicking – a completely hands-free searching experience. Simply open a new ...

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Google Finalizes Nest Deal worth $3.2 Billion


Done and done; Google unveiled the purchase yesterday of the innovative smart thermostat company, Nest. A deal worth $3.2 billion. Tony Fadell (Nest CEO) is extremely happy with the finalization of the deal knowing that Google will help take their technology to new heights. Fadell states in his blog, “Google ...

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What the Google Hummingbird Update Means for your Brand

what is google hummingbird?

What is Google Hummingbird and how can you make it work for your brand? Before you dive into analyzing the Google Hummingbird algorithm update (instituted late 2013) you have to look at human behaviour, and how humans interact with and use technology to receive information. Human communication has evolved and it ...

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