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The 5 Reasons Why We Love Squarespace (And You Should, Too!)

Squarespace is gradually becoming one of the best content management systems (CMS) on the market, providing a fast, user-friendly, mobile CMS to its clients at an extremely low cost. Ever since we started using Squarespace, we’ve been delighted and surprised with the capabilities of this website building platform. It allows us to help our clients standout in a world awash with mediocre, myopic, and (let’s face it) boring site design.

There are a slew of features that go into making Squarespace one of our go-to CMS’ for quality and truly remarkable website design. The biggest perks of Squarespace all revolve around its combining incredible design and state-of-the-art technology. It does this by utilizing the latest CSS, HTML and Javascript technique. The outcome is nothing short of spectacular.

Let’s share the love and show you just why we’re so passionate about Squarespace:

1) Parallax Design. Squarespace uses a unique and intriguing parallax design to captivate the visual interest of visitors to your website. Studies show that visual content drives engagement. In fact, 90% of the information transmitted to your brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text. What’s more, 40% of us will respond better to visual information, as opposed to plain text.  So, when we consider the influx of visual content on the web vying for your visitor’s attention, it is absolutely vital that you make your visual presence really stand apart. Squarespace can help you do this with beautiful squarespace website templates focused on parallax design.

2) Mobile Friendly. More and more people are accessing the web on their mobile devices. In fact, according to a study published by Nielsen’s Digital Report, 64% of device owners use tablets to surf the web and 49% of smart phone users use their phones to browse. The revolutionary – and highly evolutionary -design of Squarespace accounts for this multi-screen user experience. Using Squarespace as your ecumenical and adaptable platform for web design means your site will look and function great no matter what device your clients are using. Unlike other CMS options out there Squarespace is mobile-friendly out of the box, which means you don’t have to worry about creating an extra website template for mobile devices.

3) Real Time for the Real Deal. This is definitely one of our favourite perks of Squarespace – and our clients love it too: Squarespace allows you to see your visitor traffic and behaviour in real time, meaning you can actually ascertain what keywords your visitors are using to land on your site and you can also see from where they are coming. This is invaluable information when it comes to seeing where and when you are hitting (and perhaps missing) your mark.

4) Transaction Solutions. Squarespace has made selling your products online that much easier by offering comprehensive e-commerce solutions. Perhaps best of all, Squarespace enabled e-commerce facilitates the transactions on your website, meaning your customers don’t have to go to an external page, like PayPal. Minimizing the steps your customer has to take to complete a transaction makes for a happier client. Moreover, keeping them on your site means they are less likely to waiver from their decision to purchase.

5) Affordable. Last, but certainly not least, Squarespace is affordable. Service starts at just $8 a month per 20 page website – and even at its most basic package, it still offers a host of amazing features.

While Squarespace can benefit absolutely anyone who wants and needs a top-notch website, it stands apart from other web design platforms because, unlike some design platforms, it cannot be used to its full potential by just about anyone. Don’t get us wrong, once your site is up, Squarespace is quite user-friendly and will allow clients to make updates to their own site, but getting it to a successful launch phase is not so simple. A state-of-the-art web solution is best executed by a professional designer who knows how to use the tools and tricks of the trade to get you the best results.


We’re here to help. Contact us to learn more about how iSTORM and Squarespace can combine to create your perfect website solution.

Photo: totalhire.com — a website designed by iSTORM New Media using the Squarespace content management system

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