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Top 10 Business Apps for 2014

A guide to the best business apps of 2014

A new year has dawned and brought with it a host of new business apps aimed at helping businesses stay focused and stay ahead. Every year it seems there are more demands put on time and money management and every year new business apps are created to help companies meet those demands. In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of apps out there with thousands more being launched every year. Many of these apps are aimed at businesses.

The sheer quantity of business apps makes it difficult to decide which apps are quality and which are just smoke and mirrors. Not only is the task of demystifying the hype daunting, but it is downright time consuming.

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This is where we come in. We’ve taken the time, done the research and come up with a comprehensive list of the top 10 best apps for business.

Some of these have just launched, others are from past years, but are really picking up steam. Check them out:


The HelloSign app is basically a portable business center. It allows you to scan, edit, sign and send docs from anywhere. No more frantic searches to find a place to print and sign documents when you’re out of the office. Using HelloSign allows you to take a picture of a document and then import it to an edit-friendly PDF so you can make changes. Need to sign the document? Go for it. Need to send it to co-workers and clients? Not a problem. HelloSign is one of our favourite business apps because it saves you a lot of stress and even more time – and after all, wasted time is wasted money!

Download HelloSign


As far as business apps go, this is a dream for anyone who works as a creative powerhouse. Evernote allows you to save your ideas, images, documents, clips (and much more) in your account. You can enjoy up to 60MB for free. Above all, Evernote is in the cloud, so you can get to all your data from almost any device, any time, anywhere.

Download Evernote


If team work and brainstorming are the foundations of your business, Flow is a must-have app. Flow lets you communicate freely with your community of colleagues. You can manage tasks, brainstorm, share files and have discussions. Flow facilitates irresistibly open lines of communication between everyone in your company. While Flow does come at a cost (it starts at $20), the price is well worth the payoff. Flow works on Android, iOS, Mac as well as on the Internet. If you currently don’t track your business processes and employee tasks, this app is a very cost effective way to do so.

Download Flow


Accounting made easy. Kashoo allows you to view and track transactions, record payments and create invoices. This is by far our favourite accounting related business app. It’s simple and gives you a clear financial snapshot of your business at regular intervals. Kashoo also lets you share your data with other people (like your accountant) so people who need the information have the information. Most importantly, using Kashoo means you always know exactly where your financials stand. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it is the all-in one, ultimate piece of accounting software, but it is a great add-on to your existing system.

Download Kashoo


Procrastination happens, but the 30/30 business app can help minimize its tyrannical appeal. 30/30 is a to-do list on steroids. It highlights your tasks in different colours and then starts the countdown as soon as you set the clock. Consider 30/30 a little extra motivation; a fire under your butt; a procrastinator’s worst nightmare and productivities new best friend. 30/30 is free for iPhone users and definitely one of our top picks for 2014 business apps.

Download 30/30


Simplecrew is one of the best 2014 business apps for tracking productivity and progress. It is particularly useful for companies with teams out in the field. It lets team members upload photos of their progress and creates a timeline of team member activity complete with information on project status. The idea behind Simplecrew is to raise the bar on accountability. Managers don’t have to crack the proverbial whip with this app; you can opt to use it as sparingly as you’d like. It is simply a way to see that work is being done and track general momentum. Pricing starts at $25/month and you can try the app for free for your first 2 weeks. You’ve got nothing to lose and some serious perspective to gain.

Download simplecrew


AroundMe is by far one of our favourite business apps for companies that frequently have employees travelling. It allows people to get a handle on their surroundings by showing travellers what’s around them. This app will suggest restaurants, hotels, ATM’s, hospitals, local guides, banks and much more. AroundMe takes the guess work and stress out of travelling to an unknown place. The app is free and is available to download on Android and iPhone.

Download AroundMe


The ultimate project manager. Smartsheet allows you to share developments, assign tasks, view timelines and perform a myriad of other management activities in one simple spreadsheet. It is secure, affordable and perfect for any size business ranging from small to Fortune 500. Bonus: Smartsheet is ingeniously integrated with Dropbox, Google, Amazon Web Services and many more popular tools.

Download Smartsheet

Roambi Analytics

Roambi Analytics has recently undergone a total overhaul and is now better than ever. This business app is the only app you need for business intelligence. It can collect your intelligence data from any source and present it in an astounding 10 different ways, thereby allowing you to thoroughly understand your business from every angle. You utilize the application on and offline and perhaps best of all, it’s free.

Download Roambi 

Find My iPhone

All these nifty business apps aren’t going to do you a bit of good if you’ve misplaced your iPhone. It happens. In fact, it happens a lot. This is why developers created the Find My iPhone app. This safety net allows for remote tracking of any iOS device (Macs and iPhones), taking the panic out of at least one of life’s little mishaps.

And there you have it! A list of our top picks for the 2014’s best business apps. They are all easy to install, free or extremely affordable and worth their weight in gold – trust us, we use the majority of these apps on a daily basis.

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