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10 Resources to Help You Be an Internet Marketing Ace

Stay up-to-date with the latest in Internet Marketing with these 10 helpful resources

Trying to find the best Internet marketing resources in a web awash with misleading trite and seductive scams can feel as pointless as trying to find real love on The Bachelor. You’ll be wooed with a lot of sweet talk and promises, but it won’t often pan out.

We’re here to save you time, trouble and a sizeable headache by directing you to our top picks for Internet marketing resources. These are the real deal. No smoke, no mirrors, no scripts or deflated expectations – just all-out online marketing genius right at your fingertips.

The Top 10 Internet Marketing Resources

1. Marketing Experiments

Your one-stop-shop for practical training, posts, webinars as well as research about online marketing and its trends and implications. Whether you’re a start-up or a veteran business, you can benefit from their depth and breadth of (free!) knowledge.

2. Hubspot Academy

When it comes to Internet marketing resources, Hubspot is one of the giants. They tirelessly provide their audience with the latest tips and tricks for creating and sustaining the best marketing content. They’re also a solid source for marketing automation tools. These guys are serious about what they do, offering extensive, multi-day training courses for people who really want to aim for online marketing excellence.

3. Copyblogger

In case you haven’t noticed, blogging is kind of a big thing – and not just any blogging will do. CopyBlogger is an exceptional and respected Internet marketing resource for any business, whether they already have a copywriter or are looking to develop content. While catering to a niche market, CopyBlogger dominates that niche by nourishing members with a veritable buffet of articles, eBOOKS, seminars and webinars. They also have a lively forum for professionals to ask questions and talk shop.

4. Quick Sprout

This is probably one of the most intuitive Internet marketing resources when it comes to advanced SEO. Quick Sprout by no means limits itself to dispensing sage SEO advice, but they are definitely a good place to go if that’s your company’s Achilles’ heel.

5. Marketo Blog

This fun and informative site takes the sting out of learning something new by dishing out smart and snappy blogs about everything Internet marketing. From social media, to email to lead management, event marketing and B2B marketing, Marketo does it all and they do it with pizzazz. Their information and approach is current and compelling. Definitely worth a look!

6. KISSmetrics

A cuddly name so you can cozy up to your analytics and get your marketing strategy performing at peak. In addition to their incredibly detailed analytic tools, KISSmetrics offers free marketing guides, relevant and easy-to-digest infographics, as well as a host of free webinars.

7. Content Marketing Institute

It’s a studious as it sounds, and totally necessary for anyone who’s serious about optimizing every aspect of their online presence. As far as Internet marketing resources go, The Content Marketing Institute is definitely one of the most inclusive in scope, offering articles, research, webinars, training, consulting, podcasts, a quarterly print and free digital magazine as well as live events and seminars. As it stands, their audience is over 80,000 strong and growing. Oh, and subscribe to their email as well, it is one of the most engaging subscriptions I’ve subscribed to.

8. Moz.com

This nifty and enterprising bunch have developed a catalog of truly impressive and visionary Internet marketing resources to help you analyze, track and maximize your content marketing, SEO, social presence, branding and link building efforts.

9. Seth Godin

Humour, wit and inarguable knowledge collide in one comprehensive and informative blog. Seth Godin brings Internet marketing to life by infusing the subject with his own unique brand of quirky accessibility and targeted relevance. In other words, Seth isn’t just expounding for the sake of flattering himself; the guy knows what he’s talking about and has some interesting insight into what could otherwise be seen as some pretty bland material. In addition to his blog, Seth also has an enticing library of free Internet marketing resources including eBOOKS, PDF’s and some pretty titillating manifestos.

10. iSTORM New Media

Last, but certainly not least, there’s us. Staying firmly on top of online marketing trends and developments, we’re dedicated to providing the very best free Internet marketing resources. Blogs, infographics and Digital Guides are available to help businesses understand exactly what steps they need to take to ensure their success in this highly saturated world of online marketing. From SEO, to email marketing, to understanding social platforms, the importance of link building and Google best practices, our blogs break online marketing down into easy to digest and highly appetizing morsels of wisdom. Yes success in the industry have served us well, making us the perfect people to serve you best.


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