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17 browser extensions for marketers

The 17 Browser Extensions Every Marketer Should Use

Make your life easier with these marketing browser extensions

Browser extensions are a simple saving grace in the big, crazy, confounding world of digital marketing — and we believe that when given something simple, we should revel in its simplicity. Browser extensions allow you to really max out your media management and extend the reach of your communications. We want to share the love, share the hype and share the utter sharability of our favourite browser extensions so that you too can make your marketing life a little easier.

We’ve categorized our list into 7 main objectives, so you can choose what you’d like your browser extension to do, and then see your best options. Simple as that.

The Objectives:

  1. Curate content faster and more efficiently
  2. Manage my customers better
  3. Track my time and productivity
  4. Enhance my website optimization
  5. Manage my social networks
  6. Keep my browser secure
  7. Analyze my data better

Curate content faster and more efficiently

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome.

We’re inundated with emails every day, and oftentimes, we receive emails we’d like to read, but just don’t have the time at that precise moment. As a result, a lot of potentially awesome content is lost to the messy abyss of our inbox. FollowUp.cc is your fix. This free service allows you to forward the email you’d like to revisit later on to their service and, depending on the FollowUp.cc email address you choose to send it to (ex: [email protected]), the service will send it back to you to read again in two weeks.

Evernote Web (Evernote Web Clipper)
Cost: Free
Available on Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

Evernote helps you keep track of the content you market, write and read. You can use Evernote to save your notes, ideas, articles and even websites all in one convenient place, kind of like a library of your own genius at your fingertips.

Pocket and Instapaper are similar browser extensions that can help with content extension.

Manage my customers better

Cost: Free
Available on Firefox and Chrome.

As the name suggests, Rapportive is one of the browser extensions for marketers that helps you optimize your relationship with your contacts and clients. It streamlines the networking and familiarization process through facilitating an easy connection by letting you see everything you would want to know about a new prospect (email, social media contacts, etc) from your inbox.

Cost: Free
Available for Gmail and Outlook

Here’s another great browser extension that can be used to capitalize on customer relations. The analytics of YesWare allows you to perfectly time the closing on your sales leads by setting you up with tools like sales reminders and handy email templates to make managing your leads easier.

Track my time and productivity

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome.

Admittedly, all of these browser extensions will help with your productivity, but this one is designed with productivity specifically in mind. Momentum will help you keep distractions at bay (or at least to a minimum) by opening up a new browser tab reminding you of what you wanted to accomplish in the course of the day. This is especially handy for social media marketers who can easily fall prey to the enticing time-sink siren song of Facebook and the like.

Cost: Free
Available through Gmail.

Boomerang is another email ad extension, but it has a special niche in the market insofar as it allows you to schedule pre-written emails to be sent at any time. This proactive approach is perfect for enhancing productivity. Just think about it: you can touch base with a sales lead you don’t want to fall through the cracks. You can follow up with a team member in a different time zone. Boomerang a piece of productivity gold!

Enhance my website optimization

WebRank SEO
Cost: Free
Available on Chrome and Firefox.

There is one browser extension for marketers that soars above and beyond when it comes to SEO. WebRank SEO hosts a veritable smorgasbord of tools and treats for those who need to stay on trend with SEO, including access to vital metrics that help you enhance your on-page optimization.

Manage my social networks

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome and Firefox.

Social media marketers rejoice! Buffer is by far one of the best browser extensions to streamline social media publishing. Use Buffer to quickly and easily share your posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This one stop shop for social media allows you to share on your connected profiles from any page, website or blog post.

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome and Firefox.

This browser extension is a little slice of link shortening magic. It facilitates custom shortening, simple copy/share buttons and personalized analytics. It even allows you to bundle your shortened links into similar categories for organizational ease. Bonus: set a goal number of views you’d like to reach and Bitly will let you know when you’ve reached your goal.

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome.

If Rapportive sounded good, you’re going to love Riffle. Riffle is a Twitter specific browser extension that allows you to view comprehensive info on a follower in a convenient snapshot. You can glimpse their other social media accounts, Twitter statistics, top mentions and URLs, frequently used hash-tags and more.

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome and Firefox.

Following along with great Twitter browser extensions, Ritetag lets you test your hashtag strength and effectiveness. Its handy colour coded legend allows you to see if your hashtag is overused, good, great or unused.

It may seem like a little thing, but when it comes to getting the edge in the oversaturated market of social media marketing, it’s the little things that can go a long way. Ritetag is free and it works within the context of Buffer, so you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot of perspective to gain.

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

See if your efforts are having an effect with Klout. This browser extension calculates how much influence you’re having across your social media platforms by scoring your interactions and popularity. Klout has recently extended its talents to a tool that allows you to share on social media from any website.

Windows Resizer
Cost: Free
Available on Chrome.

The multi-screen movement (MSM) basically necessitates that we mention this Chrome based browser extension. Since not all people will be viewing your page on the same device and/or screen size, Windows Resizer allows you to see your social media updates from the perspective of other screen sizes, including tablet, desktops and iPhone.

Keep my browser secure

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome and Firefox.

A post about browser extensions for marketers wouldn’t be complete without talking about security – most specifically, password security and management. Let’s face it, digital marketers probably have more accounts than the average internet user and Meldium is the perfect solution for managing your team passwords. It will automatically log you into all your most frequented websites so you don’t have to do the typing or remembering. It’s quick, easy, safe and a major frustration saver.

Meldium currently supports 1, 629 apps and the number is growing.

Analyze my data better (non-Google Extensions)

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome.

VidIQ allows you to take a glimpse into the future of potentially viral videos. It layers meta data into your YouTube browsing and lets you see Facebook likes and shares as well as Tweets, Google +1’s and many more valuable social media insights. A vidIQ will be generated based on these interactions which will help you see the chances of a video being promoted as a ‘Related Video’ or a recommended video.

Social Analytics
Cost: Free
Available on Chrome.

Use this comprehensive browser extension to see what blog posts have been shared socially on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. Not only can you determine how your content is being distributed, but you can also analyze the spread of your competition’s content to see what’s working (or not working) for them.

Cost: Free
Available on Chrome.

Get a shapshot of any Google+ page or profile with this nifty browser extension. CircleCount allows you to see reshares, comments, +1’s and even followers. Use this intel to help you analyze what’s working on Google+ and what’s not so you can better optimize this platform for social media marketing.

There are practically countless more browser extensions for marketers, but these are definitely our favourites. They’re specific enough to be thorough and broad enough to be used for multiple purposes. After all, when it comes to browser extensions, you don’t need to load up with tons of flashy options, you just need the right ones to work well.

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