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The Importance of a Good Social Media Strategy

With well over half the population of the Western World on some form of social media, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to get serious about their social media strategy. It’s simply not enough to get on social media. You have to dominate it.

Establishing and maintaining a presence is without question the hardest part of successfully launching your business into the world of social media, and it’s also the most crucial element of a successful social media strategy.

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Social media is unquestionably a great way to get your brand out there to help bolster your bottom line. In fact, an astounding 47% of Americans report that Facebook is their primary influencer when it comes to making purchases. Here’s the thing though: social media is also a great place for anyone to get their brand out there. In fact, 93% of marketers use social media to promote their business. Translation: you’ve got a lot of competition – and we’re not just talking about direct competition between similar products or services either. We’re talking about scrambling to snag just a few seconds of a potential customer’s attention when they’re being bombarded with advances at every turn, from practically every type of business. We’re talking about thinking smarter when everyone else is just trying to yell louder. It’s a tough game, but you’ve got to step up to plate if you want to thrive in today’s digitally-centered market.

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In addition to simply getting your company out there on the social platforms, an intelligent, dynamic and engaging social media strategy will do wonders for your brand when it comes to search engine indexing.

How Using Social Media Strategy Effects Search Engine Ranking: The Facts

Social Presence. In 2010, Google admitted that social media presence does have an effect on ranking, and even though they’ve stayed pretty silent about what their algorithm is looking for, four years later it is blatantly obvious that anyone looking to rank well better jump in and amp up their social media strategy.

Social Activity. Search engines put stock in social media activity – most notably, sharing. When your audience shares a post, it lends credibility and authority and as such, it gains relevance with Google and other search engines. If, on the other hand, you are a no show or deadbeat on social media platforms, your overall visibility will suffer. If you need a concrete example of this, look no further than Bing, a search engine that can use a personalized search to account for what your friends like on Facebook when they deliver search results. Likewise, Google can provide results that a searcher’s friends have +1’d or Tweeted.

Part of implementing an effective social media strategy that encourages sharing will involve:

1) Starting a Blog. 2/3 of people who use the internet daily read blogs. There are innumerable blogs out there, but comparatively few of them are well-written and properly organized, so make sure that you’re not just spewing out random content for content’s sake. Sure, you want to generate a lot of content to optimize your presence, but it also has to be good.

2) Maintaining Domain Excellence. Good social media strategy will translate to a marked increase in web traffic and leads. This means you still need to be giving your website a lot of love so traffic coming to your site via social media actually stays to look around. Also, don’t forget to share all your quality content on your own domain.

3) Making New Content Visible. Set up an RSS feed so your audience is notified of your latest posts and can read them as soon as possible.

4) Sharing the Love. Let your advocates spread the word about your business by sharing your posts. Make it easy by adding sharing options. According to Hubspot, content that is shared on social media sites get almost 150% more inbound links compared to content that’s not.

5) Listening to Your Audience. People on social media are astoundingly honest. For better or worse, this candid approach provides you with the opportunity to take client feedback and incorporate it into your content to create the very best social media strategy for your brand. Providing answers and responses to feedback in the form of blog posts or videos and sharing them with the rest of your audience to not only improve site traffic or audience engagement, but to also show brand transparency and your willingness to go the extra mile to help your clients.

And finally…

6) Social Connections. The more people who like or follow you, the better your shared content will be ranked. This said, the quantity and quality of content is also vital, so it’s of the upmost importance that you refer back to the point #2 and commit to generating engaging and relevant content that your audience wants to share and like and link back to; that is how you improve your ranking through a proper social strategy.

Get Serious About Social Media Strategy

You can see why it’s imperative to get serious, think hard, and implement the best social media strategy possible. For some companies, this may involve seeking assistance from a social media strategist.

A social media strategist can help you implement not only good, but exceptionally measurable and manageable social media strategy that’s perfectly suited to your unique brand. These experts understand how to create, enforce and nurture a strong organic SEO approach that identifies the keywords that most aptly represent what your audience is looking for. They understand the complexities of digital marketing, like how to target the ever-growing mobile market, which now accounts for 71% of social media access. A social media strategist also has the tools to help monitor your social footprint – and they know them inside out.

Of course, you can go it alone, but you run the risk of a lot of time consuming and potentially very costly trial and error if you don’t have the background or resources to acquire the background. If you are serious about maximizing your brand power, but don’t have the resources or inclination to build and manage a solid social media strategy, the best advice for guaranteed results is to defer to someone who does.

Contact us today to learn more about social media strategy from a social media strategist.

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