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The 5 ‘Cs’ for Creating Better Facebook Page Posts

By now, most businesses know that Facebook marketing isn’t optional if you really want to bolster your brand, but what many people may not know is just how important creating and executing a solid Facebook page post is to determining your success.

It’s all about maximizing the accessibility and visibility of your Facebook page post.

While there are no strict guarantees, since social media marketing deals with the famously unreliable human element and new, updated algorithms, there are some trends we can predict with certainty that will help you create an engaging Facebook page post, every time.

The 5 ‘Cs’ of Creating Stellar Facebook Page Posts

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1. Concise.

Social media marketing may be Herculean in effort, but it shouldn’t be epic in terms of content. Your Facebook page post should be short. I’m talking 40 characters, max. 

Facebook has revealed that posts with 40 characters enjoy 86% more engagement than posts that ramble on. 40 isn’t a magic number, though. A study by Track Social shows that posts that have 0 to 70 characters get the most comments, likes and responses.

So how to do you get your point across in a mere 40 characters. Easy! Link.

Facebook page post best practices have shown that using a punchy intro, opinion or summation of a post or blog and then linking off to that article is the most effective way to get noticed.

Tip: After you insert the link into the post, the page will pop up. You can delete the link then, and the link’s picture, title and description text will tempt your audience to click-through.

2. Consistency.

The most successful Facebook pages have posts at least once a day – sometimes multiple times a day. Of course, you can’t just be posting garbage; your posts need to be quality. They need to be relevant to your target audience.

 3. Catchy. Posts that are relevant to your audience will be posts that address what they’re passionate about. Unearth this, and you’ve got gold.

One of the best ways to make sure you’re making posts that reflect the passions of your audience is to post about relevant topic that’s timely. If there’s a concert or festival or event or holiday happening that is relevant to your audience, talk about it.

If your post is particularly pertinent, Boost it to reach more people and alert them to your promotion or announcement.

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4. Clutter-Free.

Yes, having a clean, visually appealing post free from excess words and pictures is great, but that’s not what I’m talking about here: I’m referring to making sure your post stands out from the fray in the News Feeds of your audience.

One of the best ways to do this is to post during non-peak hours, like after work and on weekends. You can even use the Post Scheduler or Buffer, so your posts will automatically go up when you want them to. No need to be in the office, or work remotely. Your Facebook page post is all set up and good to go at the appointed time.

5. Connect.

All great marketing – whether it is print or digital or social media marketing – hinges on its ability to connect with people – the right people and the right way. It will let your audience know that you not only understand them, but are there for them. 

This is why part of any solid Facebook page post involves follow up. Respond to their comments on your post, when warranted and especially when a response is solicited. You’ll also want to make sure your audience can direct message you via Facebook. You can ensure this is enabled in Settings.

Getting a handle on best practices for posting on Facebook is more than great Facebook marketing – it’s free social media marketing. Yes, boosting your post costs money, as is creating an ad, but making a Facebook page post itself is free. (Ad creation is attractively affordable, allowing you to create and manage your own budget and campaign. You can learn more about it here.)

In the meantime, you can increase your audience engagement with these simple and effective Facebook page post tips and tricks.

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