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7 Tips to Using Social Media at Rendez-vous 2014!

This month, members of iSTORM New Media will be attending the Rendez-vous Canada Trade show and Conference in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Rendez-vous or #RVC2014 is Tourism Canada’s premier international marketplace jam-packed with vendors and exhibitors from all across the globe.  We will be live-tweeting the entire event and have put together a series of ‘Rendez-vous Preparation’ articles to help you get ready for the big dance on May 27th. Enjoy!

Rendez-vous Canada 2014, Canada’s premier international tourism marketplace with over 1,500 tourism professionals, is quickly approaching and some of you might be wondering how to get the most out of your social media leading up to, during and after the event. One of the best ways to capitalize on any trade show is to use social media to enhance your business and/or personal presence!

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We’ve assembled some of our top tips for using social media effectively before, during and after Rendez-vous — or any tradeshow!

1. Preparation is Key
First things first — you need to have a strategy. This doesn’t need to be a complex document but you need to prepare yourself ahead of time for attending. Does your company have a Facebook or Google+ page, or twitter profile? If you answered “No” to any of these then that is the first step!

Got those set-up? Great! In leading up to the event begin posting and/or tweeting about the event, your role within it — are you excited? Who are you looking forward to connecting with? (and actually connect with these people online!!)

2. What are Other People Doing?
Leading up to Rendez-vous take time to see what other people are writing about and join in the conversation! Comment on blogs and posts about the event, connect with exhibitors on social and let them know what you’re excited for; reach out to the official Rendez-Vous twitter account and don’t forget to connect with the bloggers and journalists who will be covering the event.

3. Use Relevant Hashtags
This is important — be sure to use relevant hashtags so that even people who are not directly following you or your company can still join in on the conversation. It is important to note that most trade shows will have their own social platforms, as well as custom hashtags — use them! (ie. #ExploreCanada and #RVC2014 for Rendez-vous Canada). Again, think about who you want to connect with at the event and reach out to them on social beforehand

4. Represent Yourself Well
This perhaps goes without saying but remember that you are representing yourself and potentially a brand. Avoid spelling and grammatical errors in your posts and keep it classy! And please, keep your emotionally charged opinions to yourself – or at least offline.

5. Use Photos & Videos
A picture really does say more than a thousand words — or in this case 140 characters. Photos and videos are not only more visually appealing, they tend to have a higher click through rate and better engagement than posts that don’t. Remember, the day of the trade show there will be hundreds, if not thousands of people using the official hashtags; think about what content will make you stand out — photos and videos can help!

6. Don’t Lose Steam!
Just because you’ve left the event doesn’t mean your work on social is finished. Keep the momentum going! Post pictures and videos of the event that you may have forgotten to, reach out and connect with people you met at the show and don’t forget to write a follow-up blog post highlighting the event and some of your favourite moments!

If there is one thing you take from this blog on how to use social at Rendez-vous Canada  it’s to have FUN!

We’ll be at Rendez-vous this year and we would love for you to connect with us too!

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