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4 Components of a Website Audit

The Ultimate Website Audit Cheat Sheet

Just like you need a check up at your doctor’s, your website needs a check up by a professional web auditing service. A website audit is an in-depth and intricate analysis of your website that uncovers what is working and what is not.

Trying to perform a website audit on your own site is a little like trying to remove your own appendix; you can Google how to do it, but this doesn’t equip you with the knowledge and experience to do a good job. You go to a doctor for medical problems, and likewise, it’s best to leave the website analysis to the experts as well.

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Web audits are one of our specialities, and we’ve seen a simple site audit unearth a myriad of hidden hindrances to your site’s overall effectiveness. We recommend doing an audit at least twice a year, and more if you suspect any changes made on your end may have had a negative impact on your SEO.

So what does a website audit actually do for your business?

website content

A website audit is designed to make sure your search engine optimization (SEO) is working effectively. It involves performing a full sweep of your website to determine whether or not your site is appearing properly and appropriately in search engine results. What we find can be surprising (and a little disturbing) for businesses who have assumed their SEO efforts to-date have been effective. Our job is to determine how to fix any short-comings in any and all of these areas:



Web audits analyze whether or not your site’s images adequately support the text and are optimized using proper HTML tagging. We check for dead space, ineffectual link strategy, inconsistent presentation, lack of visual diversity and interest, and overall attractiveness and suitability.

Site Structure

Our experts comb your existing website and analyze how your site is set up. Is it easy to navigate? Does it facilitate good conversion? Is it likely to bring users back, or deter them from returning?

Site Analytics

A website audit should also look at the backend of your site. We check out your analytics to determine how well your site is attracting visitors and through which third party tools (if any) visitors are accessing your site.


Perhaps one of the most important reasons why you need a web audit comes down to the quality of your content. Shoddy, haphazard and poorly generated web content will send your website down to the bottom of the SEO totem pole. Remember: Quality writing off the Internet is not the same as quality writing on the Internet. Web content has its own unique set of rules, and it’s vital that you generate content that works for the medium.


The decision should seem pretty obvious. Save yourself time, money and a whole lot of head-scratching and find out how your website is working for your business and more importantly, how it’s not. Moreover, find out exactly what you can do to improve your web presence. Like any good doctor, we don’t just identify the problem, we give you a prescription to fix it – and you can take our RX to the bank.

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