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7 Tips to Using Social Media at Rendez-vous 2014!

social media at tradeshows

This month, members of iSTORM New Media will be attending the Rendez-vous Canada Trade show and Conference in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Rendez-vous or #RVC2014 is Tourism Canada’s premier international marketplace jam-packed with vendors and exhibitors from all across the globe.  We will be live-tweeting the entire event and have put together a series of ...

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[INFOGRAPHIC] The Guide to Killing it on Facebook


Getting your business on Facebook is easy.  Keeping it there and gaining concrete value from the platform is a way different challenge. Small or large your business HAS to be utilizing Facebook for its sheer user base alone. With approximately 70% of monthly active users in the United States and Canada ...

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Rendez-vous Canada 2014: 10 Tours to do While You’re in Vancouver!

vancouver-foodie-tours facebook-photo

So, you’ll be in Vancouver for Rendez-vous Canada 2014 — why not take advantage of the exciting tourist attractions and sites to see while you’re there? In fact, Tourism Vancouver has organized 10 custom tours for Rendez-vous! Here’s a snapshot of Vancouver Siteseeing & Activity Tours: 1. SEA + Bike Stanley ...

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AdWords Ad Extensions: Why Are They So Important?

ad extension header image

Since Google introduced the latest update to their AdWords Ad Rank algorithm in October of 2013, anyone expecting solid search ranking and lower cost-per-click without the the use of ad extensions needs to reconsider their strategy. Not using ad extensions just isn’t an option anymore. Ad Rank is the algorithm Google ...

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Google AdWords Spring Cleaning Checklist

google adwords checklist

While you’re making time to schedule some much needed Spring cleaning around your home and office, it’s also a good idea to set time aside to dust out the cobwebs in your AdWords campaign. Even if you’ve been giving your AdWords approach lots of love throughout the year, chances are ...

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6 Essential Hotel Marketing Trends of 2014


Digit marketing trends impact every kind of business, so it’s best to acknowledge them, embrace them and then use them to your advantage; especially in the hotel marketing industry. Digital marketing is here to stay, and since it is constantly evolving, it’s important to stay on top of the newest ...

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Supercharge Your Video Marketing in 2014


A complete video marketing handbook Video marketing is one of the most powerful and most essential marketing tools of 2014. This said, not a lot of brands actually understand just how effective it can be. This is mostly because they don’t understand how to properly implement it. Video-sharing giant YouTube ...

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7 Big Tech Trends To Watch This Year


These are our top 7 Tech Trends for 2014 2014 tech trends are definitely something any digital junkie (or even mild enthusiast) will want to watch. There are some incredible new gadgets you can look forward to seeing, using and even wearing. SEE ALSO: 2014 Digital Marketing Trends You Need ...

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The 2014 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know About


*Skip to 6 Digital Marketing Trends 2014 is cooking up a veritable smorgasbord of web and digital marketing trends. The overall feeling seems to be one of returning to our roots, of embracing simplicity, personal interaction and conversation. Of course, returning to simplicity is no simple task – especially in ...

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