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Hometown Glory: Who to Look Out for at Rendez-vous 2014!

Rendez-vous Canada is quickly approaching and we can barely contain our excitement. But who’s going to be there? We’ve compiled a list of the top companies to look out for at Rendez-vous this year!

1. FlyOver Canada
FlyOver Canada is Vancouver’s new must-see family-friendly attraction offering a flight simulation ride like no other! Using the latest in projection and ride technology, FlyOver Canada creates a truly exciting flying experience complete with wind, scents and mist!

This incredible journey covers over 6,000 kilometers from coast to coast. FlyOver assures you that it is unlike any other ride experience you will find anywhere in Canada!

Want to learn more? Visit the FlyOver Canada website and don’t forget to follow them on Twitter and “like” them on Facebook!

2. Vancouver Foodie Tours
Treat yourself – and taste-buds – to a truly delicious gourmet food truck experience! Vancouver Foodie Tours showcases the best of Vancouver curbside cuisine with gourmet hot dogs that’ll have you drooling and chocolate chili cookies to name just a couple delicious food items.

And if that’s not delicious enough, Vancouver Foodie Tours was officially designated as a member of the Canadian Signature Collection by the Canadian Tourism Commission in Spring 2013 as offering a truly unique and authentic Canadian travel experience!

Learn more – or book a tour while you’re in Vancouver through their website!

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3. Vancouver Aquarium
The Vancouver Aquarium is a self-supporting, non-profit society dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life! Their promise is simple: engage, amaze and inspire. Visit one of their many exhibits including: Penguin Point, Tropic Zone, Treasures of the B.C. Coast, The Wild Coast and the Pacific Canada Pavilion, just to name a few.

The Vancouver Aquarium is also a recognized leader in connecting people to our natural world providing an environment that is both engaging and inspiring.

For more information on the Vancouver Aquarium or to book tickets visit here!

4. Century Plaza Hotel & Spa
This family- owned and operated Century Plaza Hotel & Spa provides its guests with a home-away-from-home ambiance, located in the very center of downtown Vancouver. In addition to their beautiful suites, they offer their very own spa, restaurant & lounge, comedy mix club and gourmet coffee barista!

Traveling to Vancouver for Rendez-vous? Book direct with Century Plaza and you’ll be guaranteed their best available rates! They also feature 6 exclusive package specials and is minutes away from the Vancouver Convention Centre and other landmark buildings including: the UBC university downtown campus, Vancouver Art Gallery and Pacific Centre.

For more information or room booking visit the Century Plaza Hotel & Spa website here!

So there you have it – the top businesses that you need to look out for at Rendez-vous and perhaps visit while you’re there! Let us know who you’re looking forward to seeing at Rendez-vous!

This month, members of iSTORM New Media will be attending the Rendez-vous Canada Trade show and Conference in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Rendez-vous or #RVC2014 is Tourism Canada’s premier international marketplace jam-packed with vendors and exhibitors from all across the globe.  We will be live-tweeting the entire event and have put together a series of ‘Rendez-vous Preparation’ articlesto help you get ready for the big dance on May 27th. Enjoy!


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