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Engaging Delegates at Trade Shows

With a few Trade Shows coming up this Spring/Summer that we will be attending, our thoughts have turned to what new and fresh ways we could engage and present information to potential clients and partners.

The concept on the left (click the image for full sized version) is the trade show idea we are currently playing with as our “leave behind” on the Trade Show floors when people visit our booth.

We wanted to find a way to reduce wasted paper (and things for delegates to have to carry), get people to our website, and easily continue the conversations we started at the Shows.

By moving our brochure online and using smaller card stock to allow delegates to either put the card in their pocket to review later, or scan the QR code to access the brochure right on their smartphone we think we have come up with a useful solution.

As for how we are going to interact with the delegates after they click through, you’ll have to wait for an update on that one, it’s not quite done yet.


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