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8 Tips to Attending & Surviving Rendez-vous — or Any Trade Show!

The trade show – that event where there’s so many people to see, so many things to do and not even remotely enough time to do it. For those who are not trade show veterans it can be a little overwhelming. Let us help ease the burden with our 7 tips to attending — and surviving — Rendez-vous Canada (or any trade show for that matter).

1. Know Why You’re There
Before anything you need to ensure that the trade show you’re attending is right for you or your company. Ask yourself why you’re there and what it is you want to get out of attending the event. Keep this in mind and set specific goals for yourself for while you attend.

2. Plan Ahead
39% of attendees spend less than 8 hours wandering the trade show floor so be sure to maximize your time by planning ahead. There are a few things you should be thinking about:

  • Which exhibitors are you going to visit?
  • Who are the “must-sees” and who are the vendors you would like to see? (keep yourself organized and make sure to schedule appointments accordingly)
  • What do you need to know from each exhibitor — never hesitate to write down questions
  • Plan for other events other than just the trade show itself
  • Make your transportation and accommodation plans early — this can help save you time and money

3. Attend Events
Trade shows are not just about the exhibits. Take advantage of all the other opportunities at the show. This includes events outside the exhibition itself including tourist sites and attractions, as well as mixers hosted by the trade show and/or affiliates.

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4. Network! Network! Network!
Whether you’re attending or exhibiting networking is crucial! Make it a point to reach out to other people in your industry. Bring more business cards than you think you’ll ever need.

5. Use Social Media!
Trade shows are likely to have their own social media platforms, even their own custom hashtags for the event (like #ExploreCanada and #RVC2014)— take advantage and use them! It’s a great way to keep yourself updated on the exciting things that are happening around you and join in on the conversation!

*Be sure to follow Rendez-vous on Twitter, Like them on Facebook and join in the conversation at the event!

6. Prepare for Exhaustion
There’s no easy way to say it — trade shows are physically demanding. Stay hydrated and be sure to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll find yourself standing and/or walking for the better part of your time.

7. Stay Late – Don’t Miss Out!
Don’t immediately throw in the towel and jet back to hotel when the floor closes! Take the opportunity to meet up with the people you have met during the day. Get to know them better over dinner, at any of the trade show and/or affiliate mixers.

If there’s anything you take from this blog it’s this tip. It is absolutely crucial that you follow up with the individuals you meet! Contact everyone within two weeks while the trade show is still top of mind. Offer them more information on your business, invite them to connect with you on social or suggest meeting for coffee!

*Remember, the ultimate goal is build relationships and move them forward while the show is still fresh in people’s minds.

So there you have it — you’re now equipped with an arsenal of tips to help you attend and survive Rendez-vous Canada.

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This month, members of iSTORM New Media will be attending the Rendez-vous Canada Trade show and Conference in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Rendez-vous or #RVC2014 is Tourism Canada’s premier international marketplace jam-packed with vendors and exhibitors from all across the globe.  We will be live-tweeting the entire event and have put together a series of ‘Rendez-vous Preparation’ articlesto help you get ready for the big dance on May 27th. Enjoy!

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