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7 Big Tech Trends To Watch This Year

These are our top 7 Tech Trends for 2014

2014 tech trends are definitely something any digital junkie (or even mild enthusiast) will want to watch. There are some incredible new gadgets you can look forward to seeing, using and even wearing.

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The biggest 2014 tech trends are coming at you, whether you’re ready for them or not. We recommend being ready and embracing your top picks for a much more tech savvy year.

  1. Anonymity Is In. Seems people are tired of the Internet reaching out and touching them. More and more people are opting to fly under the radar and it’s predicted that there will be a rise of the anonymous digital experience like Snapchats. If you’re tired of the world being in your back pocket, this is one of the 2014 tech trends you’ll want to follow closely.
  2. China Tech. This is one of the biggest 2014 tech trends. Chinese based initiatives like WeChat are starting to creep up in North American tech conversations. WeChat, for example, has a user-base of about 300 million and offers group chat, instant messaging, e-commerce, payments and content sharing. It’s predicted that this platform will unsettle social media giant Facebook. It may even shake up retail industries, enterprise communications and financial services.
  3. Wearable Technology. The time has come to tap into that big beautiful brain of yours. It starts with developments like Google Glass, which lets you record what you see, and is predicted to expand to bionic limbs, eyes and more. Developments you can look forward to in the short-term are more updates from the likes of Nike Fuel Band and FitBit Watches, which allow you to track your physical activity.
  4. Auto Automobiles. Vehicles are evolving. One of the most anticipated tech trends is cars that drive themselves. Granted, they won’t be driving far to start, (think pulling into the driveway and parking in the garage), but the idea is to save you a little time to get your gear and get in your house. Auto Automobiles may not come full circle in 2014, but you will definitely hear a lot more about them this year.
  5. Smart Homes. This technology already exists, but it is going to blow up as a major 2014 tech trend. Companies like Lockitron and Nest already let you protect and run your home from your SmartPhone while you’re away, and it looks like other companies are looking to expand on technology with extensive sensor based technology.
  6. Drone On. Using drones to deliver goods and act as surveillance may be a thing of the not too distant future. Of course, local air authorities probably won’t let this happen without putting up a lot of protest and red tape. While we may see more of drones this year, there probably won’t be a decision about regulations one way or another. Still, it is one of the most interesting 2014 tech trends to watch.
  7. Bombs from the Big Guys. Look for something major from tech superstars like Apple, Google and Samsung. They’ve been pretty mute to start the year, but we’re sure we can expect something new and exciting this year.

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