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How content can increase website traffic

5 Steps to Increase Website Traffic Through Great Content

Increase your web traffic with these 5 Content Marketing tips

Successful content writers have embraced one infallible truth: to maximize website content, increase website traffic and, by extension, make a living off their craft, writers have to pander to the public – at least a little. Even in the Renaissance – a time renowned for its creative abundance – writers who wanted their art to be their profession usually had patrons, rich parents or both. In many ways, times have changed very little; it’s time to ditch the idealism and create content that converts.

Creating Quality and Relevant Content

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean you have to sell yourself into a life of abject creative prostitution. You can certainly still increase website traffic while creating content you are sincerely proud of and interested in, but you will have to suss out how to integrate your interests with public interest within your niche. This isn’t field of dreams; if you build it, they won’t just come. Attracting and sustaining an engaged readership requires tons of research, endless hours of hard work, a knack for truly understanding your audience and the ability to, you know… actually write. This is what’s going to drive website traffic. This is what’s going to convert.

Of course, there’s the sticky business of how to do this in an ever-changing world of fads and fade-outs. The answer is probably more obvious than you think: if the terrain is changing, change with it. If it’s constantly bucking, then get ready to ride the bull. Adapt or die. Tattoo this on your palm so it’s in plain sight next time you’re about to slap your forehead in frustration.

How to Drive Website Content with Great Content: Your Step-by-Step Guide

1) Be the Ball. This is the first and most crucial step. If you’re the writer, you have to know how to be the person your customer’s genuinely want to listen to. If you’re the company, you have to know how to recruit a great writer. A professional writer. A capital ‘W’ writer. After all, almost anyone can write. Almost anyone can ride a bike, play cards or make themselves dinner. This doesn’t mean they can all compete in the Tour de France, go head-to-head with Phil Hellmuth or be the next Julia Childs. True professionalism takes training; hours and hours and years of training. Not to mention a certain innate flare.

2) Embrace Your Envy. You know that blog you really dig – and hate that you dig? The one you visit almost daily and think about even when you’re not in front of your computer? Stop hating. Spend some time thinking about what makes this blog so amazing. Pay attention to the details. Take notes. Embrace the love – and don’t stop there. Look at all the successful models in your niche and see what makes them tick. You can learn a lot from your competition.

Tip: A great way to find out what content is likely to really increase website traffic, turn to the wonders of content curation. Content curation, (which is simply a way to tailor your content to hit the hot topics in your industry), will save you tons of time that you would have spent (probably aimlessly) brainstorming. You can do a little curating yourself by utilizing a few simple Google search strings that aim to identify the best content for your keywords. (Example: [keyword] + “best 2014” or best [keyword] posts, and so on.)

3) Kill the Love. Metaphorically, of course. Crush your competition by improving on their successful model. Don’t copy. Enhance. Your brand has its own unique voice. Find it and make sure it’s heard.

You don’t have to be loud (there’s enough noise on the Internet), but you do have to be relevant. This means searching out popular articles in your field and then:

  • revamping them so they are up-to-date temporally (i.e. not published 3 years ago)
  • making them more detailed and concise
  • ensuring they are more attractive in terms of content layout and design.

Of course, you should also crush the competition with your ability to compose rhetorical fireworks.

4) Do the Hustle. You’re not going to be able to click ‘publish’ and wait for the magic to happen. According to a recent UK study, the average blogger only attracts a little over 280 subscribers and received as little as 60 views in a day. This doesn’t bode well for blogging brands, and it’s even worse if you’re an independent blogger trying to make money off your efforts. To get the word out on your goods, you are going to have to do some major leg work to find linkers and sharers. You’re also going to have to increase your presence in inboxes and on forums. You need to make sure you’re heard…or read, as the case may be.

5) Plan It Out. A report by the Content Marketing Institute has revealed that the most influential business to business content marketers have hired a pro to manage their content and implement a plan of attack for its distribution. This person will not only have a solid understanding of how to write the content, but also what to write and how to get it where it needs to go across the spectrum of platforms and devices – and with the dominance of the multi-screen movement, this has never been more vital.

Consider, for example, the ever-increasing importance of location-based mobile marketing. A Cisco report shows that more businesses are using location oriented mobile marketing this year ($4.5 billion) and it’s expected to more than double by 2017. Why are they spending so much? Easy. Because it works. Location-based marketing not only increases website traffic through solid content (which increases revenue), but it also brings more people into the brick and mortar stores (which again, increases revenue).

The biggest lesson you need to take away from this article is that you have to adapt. Even HubSpot, a prominent content marketing automation provider, readily admits that content marketing isn’t a one-time only endeavour. A large part of continued success depends on your ability to keep churning out new, engaging content that will continue to drive quality website traffic.

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