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iSTORM: Your Google Trusted Photographer

We are now a Google Trusted Photographer!

We have recently been inducted into the Google Trusted Photographer program (listing coming soon) to help improve business listings on Google.com and Google.ca. Our partnership with Google allows us to photograph clients businesses (retail shops, office buildings, restaurants, schools, etc.) to be featured directly in the search results page of Google. These panoramic photographs will also be published on Google+ Local PagesGoogle Maps and other Google properties, and can be embedded anywhere on the web to provide a guided tour of your establishment.

Google Trusted Photographers open the door to your business right inside the Google search engine, providing your potential customers with a glimpse of the layout and design of your business through a 360° tour of your facility. This unique view of your business can help you stand out amongst a congested, competitive search space and drive more bodies through your doors.

 What it means to be a Google Trusted Photographer?

Google Trusted Photographers specialize in high-quality panoramic camera technology. The trusted business photographers at iSTROM New Media are independent contractors who have been certified and trained through an extensive Google training program, authorized to produce Business View photos for clients in our region. Our photographers are highly educated professionals certified to execute panoramic tours using specified equipment from the Google Trusted Photographer program. The process of capturing your establishment and listing it in Google is seamless, with the ability to have your business photographed and uploaded to Google within days.

What it means to have a Google Trusted Photographer work for you?

Google Business View brings Google Street View to your business, allowing your perspective customers to take an interactive tour inside your establishment before actually stepping inside the door. This opportunity to showcase your business is something that sets you apart from the competition and allows you to step outside of the crowd and give your customers a taste of what you offer, enticing them to take the real journey to your location.

Benefits of Google Business View

  • Put your company on the map (literally) with a 360° tour of your business on Google Maps
  • Integrate with Google Street View and add your location to the path
  • Seamless integration with your own website and social media accounts
  • Enhanced, interactive Google listing like no other
  • Copyrighted imagery and free image hosting

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