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INFOGRAPHIC: Staycation – Summer Travel in Your Own Backyard

The hottest trend this summer: Staycations

With searches for ‘staycation‘ up 10% year over year, it’s time to give this bank account friendly vacation option its due attention. People aren’t looking to jet-set, rather, they’re looking for travel destinations just down the street.

Consider this: the top search destination for New Yorkers is New York and people from Washington are looking for destinations within driving distance from their homes. What’s more, the most-searched travel destinations probably aren’t the one’s you’d expect. The likes of Seattle, WA, Minneapolis, MN, Pittsburg, PA, Columbus, OH, Asheville, NC, Savannah, GA, Breckenridge, CO, Tucson, AZ, San Antonio, TX and Sarasota, FL are some of the surprisingly popular search destinations. Not to mention the impact “things to do in Toronto” and other local Canadian searches skyrocketing this summer in Canada.

But it’s not enough to know where people are searching; you should also look into what they’re searching for. In Seattle, for instance, people are searching for the “Chihuly Garden and Glass” (up 16% from last year), and in Minneapolis, the quest for iced coffee is on the rise, up 44% from the previous year and coming in at 52% higher than anywhere else in the U.S. In Sarasota, searches for gelato are on the rise, increasing 40% from the previous year.

This presents savvy marketers with an incredible opportunity to do some research and find out what staycationers are searching for in your area. Once you have this valuable intel, you can market based on your findings. Depending on your business, you may have to get creative, but there’s undoubtedly an opportunity here to promote your brand locally. These are the people who live down the street. These are the people who will come back again and again. Now’s your chance to attract loyal customers for life.



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