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crazy shit that people search for on google infographic

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Crazy Sh*t That People Search For On Google

Time and time again I find myself typing in a useful question or key phrase into Google and up pops a Google suggested search to try and match up and auto complete my search query that is totally offside and ridiculous that I find myself wondering who searches for this sh*t?

I know Google is just trying to help and the suggested searches aren’t random, but I was curious to see if anyone out there had started to curate these crazy searches and compile them into a list of stats on how often these searches were conducted.

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What I found was better than any list I could have imagined. The team over at SearchFactory.com assembled some of the most outlandish searches out there, and with exact match targeting they were able to collect data on the worldwide monthly average search volume for these random queries and lay them out in a very creative infographic. See the results below:

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The Crazy Sh_t People Search For

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