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[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 Reasons to Switch Your Website to Responsive Design


Have you considered switching your website to responsive design? If not, you really need to start thinking hard about making the change. Take a look at any list of digital marketing trends for this year and you’ll find that mobile usage is growing and will continue to grow throughout 2014 (and beyond) ...

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What is Responsive Web Design? And Why do you Need it?

responsive design

Why 2014 is the year for Responsive Web Design It’s predicted that this year we will see the rise of mobile Internet usage over desktop. In fact, mobile sales have already trumped desktop sales in many industries. Combine these two developments and now is the perfect time to think about responsive ...

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Graphic Design Fused with World Inspiration


As a designer, inspiration can arrive in many shapes and forms outside of the virtual environment we immerse ourselves in every day. Designing a website isn't only inspired by other great website designs. Everything seen, felt, heard, and experienced can play a role in elevating our next client design into something new and unearthed in the multimedia world. All of these encounters are a contributing factor in inspiring something great, with an edge! Designers gravitate to all...

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