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The Google Network Explained

The combination of the words ‘Google’ and ‘Network’ can seem imposing. Google’s enough of a beast on its own, and when considered in the even broader web of a network, it’s easy to see why some people wouldn’t bother to even try to understand it. However, the concept is as simple as its applications are ecumenical.

The Google Network is the term for all the places AdWords ads can appear. We’re talking Google Search and search sites that are partnered with Google to show ads, popular web pages and inside mobile phone ads. This equates to a lot of space to showcase your brand, and you should know how the Google Network works so you can get your messaging out there in front of the right people.

Search and Display Networks

The Google Network is separated into two categories: Search and Display.

By default, new ad campaigns will use both the Search and Display networks, so your ads automatically get solid exposure. This doesn’t mean you’re stuck with the default setting, though. Many keen advertisers will focus on features in one network or the other.

Let’s take a look at how that works:

The Search Network

The Search network includes the ads above and beside Google’s search results, as well as on other Google sites like Google Maps, Google Shopping, and on sites that partner with Google to show ads, aptly called Google Search Partners. Search network campaigns work by linking your AdWords keywords to words or phrases someone uses to search on Google.  So, for example, if you owned a heating and air conditioning company in Florida, your ad could show up when someone searches for A/C repair in Miami (that is if you’ve targeted your campaign correctly of course).

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The Display Network

This network is perfect for businesses that are product-based or that have services that are photo-friendly (example, a hand-made jewellery company, or a business that specializes in large-estate landscaping.) Display networks use video and other visually interactive media to match your ad to websites that compliment the content you’re targeting. You can choose the placement, topics and audiences for your advertisements. These Display Network ads can appear on heavy hitting Google sites like YouTube, as well as Blogger and Gmail. In fact, your Display ads will be featured on millions of popular websites around the world and are seen by 90% of consumers online in 100 countries and 30 languages. This means you can reach either a remarkably large or incredibly specific audience, depending on the needs of your business.

Display ads help you carve out your niche by showing you exactly where your customers will be looking, and also where they’re not. For example, if you’re looking to target stay-at-home fathers, the Display network might suggest you place your ad on sites likes TSN where you have the ability to appear during Leafs Lunch, since the Dads would be home at that time, but it wouldn’t suggest you put in on a search-engine results page for Fabric Design for example.

The Google Network is all about getting the right message to the right people. Your business may be better suited to one tactic over another, and determining which will rely on you having a thorough understanding of not only your brand, but your audience and how they search.

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