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Supercharge Your Video Marketing in 2014


A complete video marketing handbook

Video marketing is one of the most powerful and most essential marketing tools of 2014. This said, not a lot of brands actually understand just how effective it can be. This is mostly because they don’t understand how to properly implement it.

Video-sharing giant YouTube has made some pretty substantial changes that make knowing video marketing essential if you want to not only utilize but also optimize it’s presence on your website.

The rise of video marketing can also be attributed to social media sharing, micro-video formats like Instagram and Vine as well as the boom in smartphone use over the past few years. Let’s not forget Google’s constant use of rich content in blended search results has also contributed to the indisputable power of video marketing.

Once you have a handle on video marketing it’s not too difficult to make the most of this invaluable tool. Of course, gaining a thorough understanding is key, so we’ve developed a simple and effective video marketing handbook to get you started.

First things first…

First, it’s imperative to understand why video marketing is such an effective resource.

Here are a few attractive stats to whet your whistle:

Prestige Marketing predicts that video content will be the primary driver for online consumer traffic by the year 2016. They estimate it will sway a staggering 55% of the global consumer traffic.

75 million US people watch videos on line. 83% of Internet users in the US watch online videos at least once a month.

YouTube is the top online video platform with 188 billion streams per year

Hulu is second with 8.9 billion and Vevo is third with 7.6 billion. Videos posted on Facebook increase viewer engagement with brand pages by 33%

92%of mobile users share videos with others

Online audiences choose to watch 13.2 million video ads per day

Website posts with videos draw 3 times more inbound links

174% of shoppers who watch videos are more likely to purchase compared to those who do not

Emails with video get 2-3x more click-throughs

• Using the word ‘video’ in your email subject line increased overall email click through rates 7%-13%

• Research shows that when people can see and hear a message it heightens the emotional impact of the message. The customer’s ability to recall goes sky high. More engagement = more money!

So, now that you see why you should be using video marketing in 2014, here are the most important tips on how to implement video marketing this year.

Top 10 Tips for Implementing Video Marketing in 2014

  1. Act Fast. 20% of viewers stop watching after 10 seconds, so hook your viewers quickly.
  2. Act Effectively. Use your engagement data to guide the direction of your video. Don’t create videos weeks or months ahead of when you plan to use them. Video analytic data will show you how well your videos are doing and what works and what doesn’t. Are your viewers dropping off after 40 seconds? Maybe your 20 second intro is too long. Check your analytics after each week and adjust your game plan as needed. TIP: AIM for 60% audience retention. Considering most viewers will drop off before the end, this number is realistic and indicative of a solid connection.
  3. Act Naturally. Appeal to universal emotions. You don’t need to advertise to sell. Just think about the Dove Real Beauty sketches. No products were actually mentioned but viewer engagement was phenomenal. People watched right to the end because they cared about what was being said. The message tugged on the viewer’s heartstrings. TIP: Use holidays to your advantage to tug on the heartstrings of viewers. Funny/touching and timely videos featured for the holidays are a perfect way to win over new customers and keep existing customers.
  4. Act Regularly. Successful brands post 50% more than their competitors. If you want to get serious about video marketing, we suggest scheduling a biweekly video release. This may mean you have to rethink the way you are allocating your resources, but it will be worth it. TIP: Think about investing in a qualified person to manage and create your videos.
  5. Act Real. Get the REAL deal on camera: Save your money and get your real employees and customers in front of the lens. Think about creating a video collection of customer stories that potential customers can access 24/7.
  6. Act Social. In case you haven’t noticed, social media is kind of a big deal. It’s also a fantastic and (relatively) FREE way to get your video out there. Social media is where viewers are most likely to see and share your videos. TIP: Include a link to your website once your video ends. YouTube has various call-to-action options for your videos.
  7. Act Optimally. You need to optimize your video if you want people to actually see it. When you search for something in Google, your results are not only text-based, but also video and image-based. If you want to make sure your video is found (and found in the right queries) you are going to need to develop a sitemap. Since search engines cannot view your video, they depend on metadata to decipher your video content and properly index it based on its content. Search engines achieve this by using video sitemaps – which give your videos an identity, thus making them recognizable. Submit sitemaps and host your video on different search engines. This will significantly increase your chance of scoring a solid rank on the SERPs. TIP: Use Google Webmaster Tools to properly set up your sitemap and get your video indexed for best results. These all-inclusive tactics will help get your video the most exposure no matter what search engine your target audience employs.
  8. Act Specific. Understanding your target audience will help you max your search results since it will help you tailor your messaging to them. Be the ball. Put yourself in the mindset of your audience, anticipate their online behaviour. This can help you decide what themes or terms they may use. Think and speak like they think and speak. We recommend using long-tail search terms that are specific to your video. The competition for generic short-tail queries is already fierce enough. TIP: Speaking of specific, now’s a good time to talk about your thumbnail selection. Thumbnails are more attractive than mere text because they let people see the information they are after and delivers it to them in a more engaging manner. Thumbnails will also give your video a face, which means higher click-through rates for organic searchers.
  9. Act in Emails. Remember, emails with videos get greater click-through rates, so use them! Don’t forget tip #1 though: Make your video short and snappy.
  10. Act Nurturing. A lot of video marketing only focuses on getting customers. This is only half the battle. Use video marketing to nurture your customer at every stage of the sales funnel. Don’t only attract, but continue to engage your audience long after they’ve become customers. New isn’t always better.


If you’re not already, you will want to be creating video content for your business. Small or large, video marketing can benefit all. Our tips work, but they’re also general. Your business is unique, so you may need help creating a video marketing strategy that is perfect for you. Contact our specialists to save time and money.

 statistical reference: comScore comprehensive view of the online video landscape

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