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5 Smoking Hot Trends for This Summer’s Marketing Strategy

Seasons change. Does your Search Marketing Strategy?

It’s almost impossible to stress the importance of creating a dynamic search marketing strategy that not only changes with the times, but also changes with the weather. After all, people aren’t searching for the same things in the winter as they are in the summer. No matter what type of business you’re in, you can capitalize on this changing consumer behaviour. All you have to do is follow it, and that begins with knowing where to look and how to respond. Thankfully, Google has given us some red hot insights to prep your search marketing strategy for the summer.

1. Get Out and About with Mobile.

After months of being cooped up indoors, you can bet your BBQ that people are jonsing for a little Vitamin D TLC. This means mobile reigns come summer, and your search marketing should reflect this shift. People are on patios, at the beach, spending quality time with their grill — and while they’re doing all this, they are searching. They’re searching for directions to their summer getaway, they’re searching for a killer glaze for their BBQ chicken. They’re searching for the best damned daiquiri recipe on the planet. In fact, recipes are a major mobile search item come summer, as are searches for hotels, which last year alone grew 86% faster in the summer than any other time of year. These people want hotel deals, they want ratings, they want directions so they can actually get there. So if your marketing is not mobile friendly, your going to want to step up. Mobile searches are up 44% every single year.

Mobile Share of ‘Hotel’ Searches

summer hotel search marketing trends
Source: Google Data, 2013–2014, Mobile Share Query Volume.

 2. Always Take the Weather With You.

The weather is the one thing even complete strangers can talk about, and it’s a great jumping off point for some solid search marketing. Summer is all about soaking up the sun, which is why it should come as no surprise that sun related searches go up markedly during this time. Think ‘suntan’, think ‘sunburn’, think ‘sunscreen’ and ‘aloe vera’. These are some of the the heavy hitters.

Likewise, if your target market is in an area that’s buggy, or prone to summer storms, you can gear your marketing strategy to that. Even if you think your business has nothing to do with these terms, trust us, it can. You just have to get creative and make it work. If you don’t already, you’re going to want to dig deep into your data and consider how the weather where you are impacts the demand for your products or services. Then, you’re going to want to implement a marketing strategy that reflects these search patterns, not only in terms of your message but also of its distribution.

Searches for ‘suntan’, ‘sunburn’, ‘sunscreen’ and ‘aloe vera’

weather related search marketing trends
Source: Google Data, January 2011–€“June 2014, Indexed Search Query Volume.

3. Summer Hot Spots.

What does your business offer that’s location and summer specific? Maybe you’re based out of a city with an insanely popular ribfest, or music festival or regatta. Maybe there’s a big sporting event coming to town. Again, you’re going to want to dig into your data to see what people are searching for in your area, then you’re going to want to tailor your search marketing techniques to appeal to that traffic.

4. Summer Year Round.

Traditionally summer activities can actually carry huge weight throughout the year. Take barbecuing, for example. Predictably, the term “BBQ” is searched for on summer holidays like July 4th, or Canada Day, but you’ll also notice it spikes again during non-summer months, especially around the Super Bowl, Thanksgiving and even Christmas. People want a taste of summer all year round, so think outside the box when you’re planning your search marketing. Whatever it is you’re promoting, keep a keen eye on your data to pick up new moments of interest so you can market accordingly and profitably. Even the most seasonal of products and services can still gain traction out of season.

‘BBQ’ annual search trend

Source: Google Data, 2012–€“2014, Indexed Search Query Volume.


5. Changes in Appetite.

Finally, it’s important to think about how the season is influencing the behaviour of your consumers. Consider this: when school’s out for the summer, you’ll notice that far more kids are watching YouTube videos during the week – not just on the weekends, like when school’s in. Your strategy needs to change with the seasons since the seasons influence how, when and where your audience will be consuming media.

Average views of Video Game Content on YouTube

Source: YouTube Data, January 2013–€“June 2014, Indexed Video Views


Just like you wouldn’t wear flip flops in a deep freeze, or a down-jacket to a pool party, you need to change the way you dress, present and distribute your search marketing. Yes, this will require a little more work, since you’re going to be playing data detective, but the payoff is well-worth the effort. You’ll see new opportunities, forge new roads, and – most importantly – tap into a whole new market, which will bring in brand new money.

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