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Mobile Marketing Consumer Research: The Definitive Guide

Mobile marketing has long been a meticulously researched and over-analysed topic in the advertising world. Compiling consumer research on the topic isn’t hard to do per se, but trying to track down all of the most relevant and authoritative sources to ensure your data is correct is… Until now.

For those of you who don’t know, in 2013 Google¬†introduced a very informative, extremely relevant resource called ‘Our Mobile Planet‘, which provides access to data and consumer research on mobile activity all across the world. Businesses can use the Our Mobile Planet resource to gain insight into how consumers use their mobile devices in order to make data-driven decisions to help improve their branding and increase bottom line growth through mobile-focused strategies. The entire resource is based on extensive studies executed by independent research firms Ipsos MediaCT and TNS Intratest, two of the biggest, most widely used research firms in the world.

Our Mobile Planet not only provides you with in-depth mobile consumer research documents based on your country, but it also allows you to form your own documentation (infographics, charts, etc.) based on the data from your countries surveyed information. To showcase an example, we have provided a sample of a report we built that outlined mobile usage in Canada vs. USA. Below is a chart we pulled that outlines the frequency of males noticing ads on smartphone devices compared between the two countries.

mobile marketing consumer research chart


Yes, this is one slightly extreme example of how to use this amazing mobile marketing consumer research tool, but I can guarantee you will find this resource useful and informative, and will undoubtedly be able to take the data you find here and apply it to your current marketing strategies.

To execute your own consumer research data documents visit Think With Google.

And to download the full Canadian Mobile Marketing Consumer Research Document, please click the button below.


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sources: Google Our Mobile Planet

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