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The Facebook Advertising Survival Guide

7 Successful Tips for Advertising on Facebook

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It is estimated that users spend up to 8 hours a month on Facebook. If this doesn’t sound like a lot, consider this: According to Nielsen Online, this figure is more than 3 times as much as people spend on any other site, including Google.

Facebook’s over 1 billion monthly active users spend an average of 17 minutes a day on the platform, making it one of the most viable sources for portraying your corporate messaging, building awareness and/or promoting your products or services. But it takes time, knowledge and money to create that success.

When you use Facebook advertising, not only are you tapping into the most universally dedicated audience on the Internet, you’re also tapping into one of the most engaged audiences. After all, people come to Facebook to absorb news and information. This means advertising on Facebook delivers your message to potential clients who are ripe and ready to receive.

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Admittedly, there are many facets of marketing with Facebook, which can be time consuming and maybe a little daunting to find out if it is for your company or not. And of course, we can’t write this article without a forewarning; Facebook advertising isn’t always right for every organization, product or service, but there are some unique tricks and tips that can help provide you with some extremely valuable data on your consumer that you can’t get using other online mediums.

Breathe easy. You can save your time and energy for your next ad campaign because we’ve compiled a quick and comprehensive guide to Facebook advertising that gives you the most important tips for conquering Facebook advertising.


So… Why advertise on Facebook?

Facebook’s advertising platform gives you complete control. It allows you to decide exactly how much you want to spend on advertising and also lets you focus on the people you want to attract, with extremely comprehensive geographic, demographic and psychographic targeting options. You’re not spending money; you’re investing in a worthwhile money making enterprise – and so is Facebook. Advertising is a major money maker for the company and because of this, Facebook is going to put a lot of effort and quality assurance into making it incredibly appealing and beneficial for potential advertisers.

Let’s break it down a little more.

Facebook’s user base is growing steadily. The company now has 1.23 billion monthly active users. Out of those active users, 757 million visit the site every single day and 556 million of those users check-in on a mobile device.

Mobile advertising now accounts for over 1/2 Facebook’s advertising revenue and nearly 1/2 of Facebook activity happens on mobile devices. This means that Facebook is not only an invaluable resource for advertisers who want to promote a business, but also for app developers who want to really focus on promotion.

How do you start?

how to advertise on facebook

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The ways to personalize and optimize Facebook advertising are almost limitless and this is great news for advertisers, though it can make understanding how to use the platform seem a little tricky. Fear not: There is one simple way to decide what’s best for your budget and your business.

Set clear goals. Facebook ads are goal oriented – there should be no one size fits all approach to any advertising strategy. Your goal is what determines the kind of strategy Facebook ads will use: During the set up process you’ll be asked if you want to drive sales and traffic to your site/store, build brand recognisability and reputation, get people to install your app, increase app engagement or increase event attendance.

Your goals will also determine the placement of your ad on Facebook. Here are the primary ways Facebook advertising helps you reach your goals:

Use Facebook Offers. Facebook Offers are a special category of post that promote a special discount or promotion. These offers can be created using the sharing tool on your page. People see Facebook Offers in their newsfeed and a call to action prompts them to claim it. They can even share the offer with friends. Facebook Offers – like the rest of Facebook advertising – can work with just about any budget. Simply set a budget, and get started.

Get People to ‘Like’ You. Create an ad that prompts people to like your page. Once someone has liked your page, it could show up in their newsfeed. It will definitely show up in their list of ‘Likes’. Point being, their friends will see this and are more likely to check out your page as well, and as a result, like it. Getting page likes are a good place to start since it attracts an audience and shows that you are a reputable business.

BONUS: People who like your page will also help you drive traffic and sales to your website and/or store as long as you provide them with quality information that they find relevant and interesting. You are essentially purchasing likes with this tactic, so you want to make sure that you are buying likes from users who are actually willing to like, share, engage or purchase your product.

Get in the News Feed. There are a number of ways to advertise, but in a world awash with thousands of ads, and with over 1 million links shared every 20 minutes on Facebook, sometimes you’ve got to go big. When it comes to Facebook advertising, the best way to get noticed is to get on the News Feed. News Feed advertising is the most powerful, since that’s where most people spend their time – pursuing the news to see what friends and family members are up to. This said, it’s easy to get buried in a New Feed, so be careful, watch your ad performance and flip things up if you aren’t seeing the results you want.

Use Sponsored Stories. Sponsoring a story will promote the story (i.e. your post) so it is more likely to be seen by potential customers. Sponsored Stories are posts that come from friends about them interacting with a page that a business or individual has paid to sponsor. If the story you choose to promote is newsworthy, engaging and interactive then you can really thrive with this advertising option. You target your sponsored story very similar to the other advertising options.

Check Out Advanced Advertising. One of the best ways to get more people to engage with your ad is to use Facebook’s Advanced Advertising options. Advanced Advertising is more layered and involves marketing that allows you to seek out and target an incredibly specific audience.

Not only can you reach potential customers with targeting options like location, interests, age, gender, connections and broad categories (i.e. people that fall into a general category, like teenagers), but you can really step your advertising up a notch with these special features:

Power Editor: Power Editor is great for advertisers who need to manage and optimise many different ads and campaigns since it allows you to design multiple variations of any given ad. This is perfect for testing different copy, headlines and images against different audiences. Power Editor shows you what works well and what doesn’t and lets you put your money where it works the hardest and best. It also allows you to upload a secure list of customers on to the platform so you can create a highly targeted custom audience for your campaigns.

Facebook Exchange: The Facebook Exchange tool will help you reach people based on their online activity, like when they visit a website. You can reach out to these people by offering them a similar product or service. Facebook Exchange is great for advertisers who have online conversion objectives and want to advance their campaigns with another layer of advanced targeting.

Conversion Tracking: Conversion Tracking gives you another way to see if your advertising is paying off. This works best when you have a specific action you’d like people to take after seeing your ad, like visiting your website, signing up or buying something via your ecommerce store.

See Advanced Advertising on Facebook for more unique features

7 Tips for Success

Be Clear. Make sure your call to action is placed prominently so it is quick and easy for people to ‘Like’ a page, join your event, click your add or install your app.

Be Creative. Use ad headlines to make your ad appealing; don’t leave it as the automatic ad headline, which will be identical to your page’s title. Remember: You want to stand out.

Be Image Conscious. Image-based ads get better engagement and help your ad stand out in a sea of other ads. Keep text under 20% on these ads. Facebook will not allow ads with more. (Don’t fret: Facebook advertising comes equipped with a handy grid tool to help you keep your content within the limit.)

HINT: Image size 1200 x 627 pixels is recommended for ads.

Stick to Your Guns. Ads Manager lets you track your ads to see what is working so you can hone in on the ads that are attracting the most customers. Facebook advertising also uses pixel tracking, which allows you to see who comes to your website via Facebook. This way you can make sure your money is being effectively invested.

Kill the Ones You Love. No matter how much you love an ad, you are going to want to get rid of it if it is not working. Facebook advertising has a lot of options; take a different route.

Bid Wisely. Facebook advertising gives you a few different ways to approach your budget. You can bid for clicks, impressions or objective. You don’t actually have to decide which option to choose: Facebook advertising will automatically set your bid to help you reach your goal by letting you custom build your own bidding strategy.

Note: The strategy to allow Facebook to bid for you is not part of our best practices, but can be used effectively in certain circumstances. Facebook will tend to show your ad automatically if you go this route and may not have your best interests in mind. We always recommend manual bidding with specific objectives that we can clearly monitor and adjust throughout the duration of a campaign

You are going to have to choose between daily or lifetime budget on your own, though. A daily budget allows you choose how much you will spend in a day. Once you reach your goal, your ads will stop appearing. A lifetime budget refers to the amount you want to spend on an entire campaign. You have the option to change the end date of your campaign or your budget at any time after the campaign has begun – just bear in mind you cannot alter the minimum daily limit which is $50.

Finally, our last tip in our guide to Facebook advertising goal setting…

Go Gratis. Share testimonials, host contests, post frequently on your page – get your audience engaged and excited. People who love what you do will provide you with the most valuable advertising of all: Positive lip service (or finger tip service). For FREE.

Who Can Benefit?

Almost anyone can benefit from Facebook advertising. There are 25 million businesses on Facebook and an increasing number of them are reaping the rewards of marketing on the platform. While small, medium and large businesses can all benefit from Facebook advertising, smaller business will want to make sure they implement the best possible strategy to ensure their money is working hard for them from the start. Growing pains, trial and error and general missteps are not luxuries many small businesses can afford. The best way to make sure Facebook advertising can work and continues to work for you is by employing a digital marketing consultant.

There are many people who throw this claim around, so do your homework. Ask for references and check them. If you want to bank on a sure bet from the get go, contact us. We’ll get you up and thriving in no time.


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