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Web-Dev Tool Suite

The keys to more efficient web development

During the course of a day I work on a wide variety of things. Over the years I have accumulated a preferred tool set that I would like to share. Some of these tools simplify my work while others I would be unable to work with. While the list isn’t comprehensive it is representative of the tools I use most regularly.

jQuery is a javascript library that simplifies many of the troubles that used to plague working with javascript. The selection engine alone is worth the overhead; native javascript does not allow you to easily work with elements based on their class and has some strange cross-browser issues.

KomodoEdit is the free version of the Komodo IDE and the primary tool I write my code in. Komodo tracks all of the variables and functions in files that have been included in the project you are working on.

FireBug is a plugin for Firefox that lets you make changes to a page in real time. Firefox allows you to add new elements and change properties on the fly, which makes debugging layout problems much easier.

As much as I love it, I am not a day to day Linux user. I do my prototyping locally and move it to our productions servers when it is ready to be seen by others, so I have call for a local AMP installation. WAMP provides the tools most web servers have on a local windows host. While I would never recommend a site be hosted on Windows it certainly makes it easier to build prototypes.

Photoshop CS5
Our designers work primarily in Photoshop and send me the completed designs. I use Photoshop to deconstruct the designs I’m sent,  to measure dimensions and to adjust images as required.

I’m always open to tool suggestions, I prefer free and open source software to closed platforms.