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Building an ActionScript 3 MP3 Player

I hadn’t much experience working with Flash, so when the opportunity to do something interesting with Flash ActionScript presented itself I leapt upon it. The Great Unwashed, a funk band from Kingston, needed a site built and asked iSTORM for help. A large portion of the project involved building a Flash MP3 player so visitors could preview the band’s music.

I struggled with concepts I was not familiar with when I first got started. I had no idea that you need to load a sound object into a channel object, and then use a transform object to control the volume. Initially I loaded all of the sound files at the same time, which caused the visitor to download 20+ MB of data even if they never played a song.

The largest problem I ran into was the lack of a coherent example to follow. I was able to find many ActionScript 2 MP3 players, but with no experience in Flash I wanted to start in with the latest version of the language (Flash 3.0 ActionScript at the time). To address the issue of being unable to find a good example I’m including the source for anyone to reference.

Download the iSTORM New Media ActionScript 3 MP3 Player