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Building an ActionScript 3 MP3 Player


I hadn’t much experience working with Flash, so when the opportunity to do something interesting with Flash ActionScript presented itself I leapt upon it. The Great Unwashed, a funk band from Kingston, needed a site built and asked iSTORM for help. A large portion of the project involved building a ...

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Tablet Computer Renaissance


In 2003 I bought a Compaq TC1000, one of the first slate style tablet computers. At the time Microsoft was pushing a version of Windows XP that featured an onscreen keyboard. The primary input method of these early tablet computers was a stylus which was fantastic for software like Autodesk ...

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Web-Dev Tool Suite


During the course of a day I work on a wide variety of things. Over the years I have accumulated a preferred tool set that I would like to share. Some of these tools simplify my work while others I would be unable to work with.

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