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The Booths of Rendezvous Canada 2011


The fact that this post is going live almost a full two months since RVC11 gives you a sense of how successful Canada’s largest Tourism conference can be for a company servicing the destination marketing sector. Since we returned from our first Rendezvous Canada experience at the end of May ...

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Building an ActionScript 3 MP3 Player


I hadn’t much experience working with Flash, so when the opportunity to do something interesting with Flash ActionScript presented itself I leapt upon it. The Great Unwashed, a funk band from Kingston, needed a site built and asked iSTORM for help. A large portion of the project involved building a ...

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Engaging Delegates at Trade Shows


With a few Trade Shows coming up this Spring/Summer that we will be attending, our thoughts have turned to what new and fresh ways we could engage and present information to potential clients and partners. The concept on the left (click the image for full sized version) is the trade ...

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Tablet Computer Renaissance


In 2003 I bought a Compaq TC1000, one of the first slate style tablet computers. At the time Microsoft was pushing a version of Windows XP that featured an onscreen keyboard. The primary input method of these early tablet computers was a stylus which was fantastic for software like Autodesk ...

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Web-Dev Tool Suite


During the course of a day I work on a wide variety of things. Over the years I have accumulated a preferred tool set that I would like to share. Some of these tools simplify my work while others I would be unable to work with.

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