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Media Convergence: Combining Paid, Owned, and Earned Media


Media convergence or the convergence of media can refer to either 1) the merging of previously distinct media technologies and media forms resulting from digitization and computer networking; OR 2) an economic strategy in which the media properties owned by communications companies employ digitization and computer networking to work together. ...

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Google To Boost HTTPS/SSL Secure Sites in Search Rankings


Sites with HTTPS/SSL Security Will See Rankings Increase in Google Security in search has long been a priority for the powerhouse Search Engine. Matt Cutts and the Webspam team at Google are continuously improving the way they protect our information and improve our user experience; this security move is no different. Much ...

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Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation: A Quick & Dirty Guide


Everything You Need to Know About The Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) The Canadian anti-spam legislation, revised on July 1, 2014, allows the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to officially fine businesses and individuals for sending Canadians electronic communications without consent. The fines can range up to $10 million dollars for companies and ...

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Email Marketing Services: All You Need For 2014


The one-stop resource for improving your email marketing in 2014 Email marketing is not dead – it has just evolved. While there are some naysayers who claim the enterprise has run its course, these opinions are more the result of their failure to keep pace with this highly adaptable tool ...

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Mobile Marketing Consumer Research: The Definitive Guide


Mobile marketing has long been a meticulously researched and over-analysed topic in the advertising world. Compiling consumer research on the topic isn’t hard to do per se, but trying to track down all of the most relevant and authoritative sources to ensure your data is correct is… Until now. For ...

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The Importance of a Good Social Media Strategy

social media strategy

With well over half the population of the Western World on some form of social media, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to get serious about their social media strategy. It’s simply not enough to get on social media. You have to dominate it. Establishing and maintaining a ...

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Engage the College Crowd: Marketing to College Students


You don’t need to drench yourself in beer or broadcast the answers to tomorrow’s exam to get the attention of today’s college contingent. Savvy advertisers know that marketing to college students is decidedly less stereotypical and one-dimensional than that. Determining how to market to students is as simple as learning ...

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6 Ways to Measure the Effectiveness of Your Marketing

marketing effectiveness

Analytics… There. We’ve said it. That very word can strike fear, contempt and sometimes just unadulterated boredom into the hearts of creative marketing geniuses. Unfortunately, analytics are also part and parcel of how to measure marketing effectiveness, and unless you belong to a large corporation who has hired someone to ...

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13 Principles of Digital Marketing


What is Digital Marketing? Digital marketing is the all-mighty gateway between electronic technology and marketing psychology. Knowing how to master and manage the information going out and into this gateway can be the difference between making or breaking your business. After all, any successful business is built on great branding. ...

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The 25 Content Marketing Resources You’ve Never Heard Of


Ask any successful content marketing professional and they’ll tell you that the best content marketing resources are founded in an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and the desire to never stop learning. In fact, the same could be said for the most successful people in the world. A thirst for knowledge ...

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