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INFOGRAPHIC: The 5 Minute SEO Audit


If you’re like most people, the very mention of the word, ‘audit’ is enough to send chills down your spine, but fear not – an SEO audit is far from terrifying. In fact, performing a simple SEO audit is one of the best ways to refine your SEO strategy. Yes, ...

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The 5 ‘Cs’ for Creating Better Facebook Page Posts


By now, most businesses know that Facebook marketing isn’t optional if you really want to bolster your brand, but what many people may not know is just how important creating and executing a solid Facebook page post is to determining your success. It’s all about maximizing the accessibility and visibility ...

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5 Steps to Writing Better Blog Content


How to Write Better Blog Content? Great blog content is the proverbial white whale of the marketing world; a frequent object of frustration and fascination, but seldom seen. This is in large part due to the fact that anyone who thinks they can write a coherent sentence thinks they can ...

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The 8 Best Email Alerts To Revitalize Your SEO


Setting up e-mail alerts acts as a nudge to get you refocused on aspects of your SEO you may have been neglecting. (And it’s impossible to focus on everything at once; digital marketers have a lot on their plates.) All the e-mail marketing alert tools I am going to mention update ...

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The Google Network Explained


The combination of the words ‘Google’ and ‘Network’ can seem imposing. Google’s enough of a beast on its own, and when considered in the even broader web of a network, it’s easy to see why some people wouldn’t bother to even try to understand it. However, the concept is as ...

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The Top 7 Marketing Buzzwords and Why They Suck

marketing buzzwords

Listen, I’m all for loving-up trends – that’s why I got into marketing. I’m not, however, one for beating a dead horse, and that’s exactly what’s being done with many of the marketing buzzwords we see today. Corporate jargon is often tossed around with the reckless abandon of dollar bills ...

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INFOGRAPHIC: Staycation – Summer Travel in Your Own Backyard


The hottest trend this summer: Staycations With searches for ‘staycation‘ up 10% year over year, it’s time to give this bank account friendly vacation option its due attention. People aren’t looking to jet-set, rather, they’re looking for travel destinations just down the street. Consider this: the top search destination for ...

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Get Schooled: The Hottest Back-to-School SEO Tips


Our top SEO tips for smarter back-to-school marketing It’s easy to find very basic SEO tips & tricks that can help you survive the search engine, but battling the rankings during high volume seasons like back-to-school is tough. Here is some research on the hottest search engine optimization trends to look ...

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How to Market to the Millennial Dad

marketing to the millennial dad

Marketing to Dad’s in a Digital World Move over Ward Cleaver, a new breed of father has emerged and – much to the joy of mothers and marketers everywhere – they’re pitching in around the house. These ‘Millennial Dads’ are more engaged, more hands-on, and more online than ever before. ...

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How to Organize Your Keywords for Maximum PPC Success

proper keyword organization title image

Keyword Organization: The Key To Every Successful Google AdWords Campaign Considering there’s an entire industry dedicated to organizing your home, your office, your relationships and basically, your life, it should come as no surprise that there’s also a need for a game plan when it comes to keyword organization. Knowing ...

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